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A sought-after charismatic lecturer, Mr. Knoke is the opening keynote speaker setting the pace for business conferences worldwide, with special attention to the future of businesses and industries.


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As an author and investment banker, Mr. Knoke has extensive experience in a wide range of industries.  He works with convention organizers to customize his presentation and introduce just the right themes for the rest of the conference.  As a futurist, he hits hard on the special opportunities and challenges just ahead for the particular industry.  Below is a sample of the wide range of conferences where Mr. Knoke has spoken.


Telecommunications Industry

  • Telecom.  American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).  AT&T Business Solutions Forum (Orlando, FL).  Two 90-minute programs to AT&T’s top 1,000 customers.

  •  Telecom.  American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).  Employee Conference (New York, NY).  Keynote speaker to introduce AT&T Internet service, 200 people.

  •  Telecom.  American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).  Employee Conference (Atlanta, GA).  Keynote speaker to introduce AT&T Internet service, 300 people. 

  •  Telecom.  American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T).  Employee Conference (San Francisco, CA).  Keynote speaker to introduce AT&T Internet service, 300 people. 

  • Telecom.  Center for International Business Education & Studies (Santa Monica, CA).  Keynote presentation opening seminar series on telecommunications.

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Technology Industries

  • Computers (Mainframes).  International Business Machines (IBM) (Dallas, TX).  Speaker to in-house group of 300 key executives.  Keynote lecture on "Leveraging Disruptive Technologies" with follow-on seminar on "Understanding Buyer Behavior."

  • Computers (Memory Storage).  EMC Corporation -- Gipfelkonferenz ‘97 summit conference (Salzburg, Austria).  Speaker and panelist at four-day corporate disk-drive seminar in Europe.

  • ManufacturingNational Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).  Annual conference (Hilton Head, SC).  Speaker to  on "Global Economic Futures and Manufacturing" related to the future of manufacturing.

  • Energy.  Royal Dutch Gas Association (KVGN).  Pan-European conference.  (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).  Keynote presentation on future of Europe’s energy.

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Service Industries

  • Accounting.  Arthur Andersen, "Getting to the Future" conference (Chicago, IL).  Opening keynote lecturer to the Global Real Estate and Hospitality Group, of 300 people.

  • Consulting.  Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), CIG Seminar (Atlanta, GA).  Opening keynote lecture for three-day internal conference, 550 people.

  • Consulting.  Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, annual partners convention (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).  Two presentations, one a keynote presentation to 250 key customers and partners, the second a seminar to 50 key partners.  Copy of Mr. Knoke's book given to each attendee.

  • Insurance.  Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting (CALU) (Ottawa, Canada).  Keynote lecture opening three-day convention, 250 executives.

  • Banking.  American Sterling, Viewpoints Conference (Tucson, Arizona).  Keynote speaker opening to mortgage banking executives.

  • Distribution.  Food Distributors International, Executive Conference (Bermuda).  Keynote speaker opening three-day conference on food distribution, 300 executives.

  •  Law and Disputes.  Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR) (Anaheim, CA).  Presented opening keynote presentation and workshop, and evening plenary for five-day international convention, 600 people.

  • Marketing.  Direct Marketing Association of the Netherlands  (DMSA) (Maastricht, The Netherlands).  Keynote presentation to 300 delegates for international trade show on direct marketing.

  • Transportation.  ATC/Vancom, General Manager's Conference (Las Vegas, NV).  Keynote presentation to national managers of municipal transportation operations.

  • Transportation.  Port of Seattle, Planning Retreat (Seattle, WA).  Keynote presentation to  managers and elected commissioners to Port of Seattle.

  • Personal Services.  Ohio Funeral Directors Association (OFDA) (Columbus, OH).  Keynote lecture on future of funeral industry, 500 executives.

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Business Seminars

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Other International Lectures

More international lectures are listed under specific industries

  • Vienna, Austria.  Austrian Federation of Industry (Industriellenvereinigung).  Keynote presentation to Austria’s industrial federation, 200 people.

  • Frankfurt, Germany.  America House (Amerika Haus).  Keynote presentation to German business executives, 100 people.

  • Ottawa, Canada.  National Capital Harvard Business School Alumni Club (Ottawa)Keynote presentation to Canadian business executives.

  • Bermuda.  Bermuda International Business Association (BIBA).  Keynote presentation to leaders from government and business.

  • Berlin, Germany.  Harvard Club of BerlinKeynote presentation to German business executives.

  • Hong Kong, China.  University of Science and TechnologyGuest lecturer on future of Asia.

  • Los Angeles, California.  New Pacific Basin Study GroupKeynote presentation on Pacific Basin trade.

  • Bregenz, Austria.  European Summer UniversityKeynote presentation on the economy at six-day pan-European conference.

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  • International.  Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington, DC).  Presentation to 150 senior government officials and journalists on society’s future.

  • Finance.  World Bank, Satellite presentation (Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA).  Keynote presentation to World Bank executives on worldwide tele-education.

  • Government  World Federalist Association (WFA) (Los Angeles, CA).  Keynote presentation on future of world government.

  • Regional Development.  NTS Development Corporation, Vision 2020. (Las Vegas, NV).  Two keynote presentations to key politicians and business executives on development of Southern Nevada, 150 people.

  • Regional Development.  City of Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks, CA).  Keynote presentation to all city government managers on future of regional government.

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  • Future Workplace.  Mathews Management Forum, California Lutheran University (Thousand Oaks, CA).  Keynote address, joint faculty-student-business presentation on future education and workplace, 400 people.

  • Community Education.  Las Virgenes Future Foundation (Thousand Oaks, CA).  Keynote address, joint government-business presentation on education, 150 people.

  • Convocation.  Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA).  Convocation Address greeting entering class.

  • Future Workplace.  Santa Monica College (Santa Monica, CA).  Joint faculty-student presentation on future, 200 people.

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