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Bold New World

Sample Testimonials


“I don’t like the word visionary.  It is used too often and means too little.  But Bill Knoke proves to be the exception to the rule.  Bold New World is a visionary book.  It challenges, it excites, and it is extremely readable.  Bravo!”

                        —Tom Peters


 “Wonderfully interesting”

                        —Alvin Toffler


“For anyone responsible for navigating an organization into the twenty-first century, Bold New World’s insights are profound and strategic.”

                        —Frederick W. Smith, Founder and CEO, Federal Express


Bold New World is one of the most mind-broadening books I’ve encountered.”

                        —Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School


“Visionary....  Bill Knoke has seen the future.”

                        Los Angeles Times


“It is our view that this book establishes William Knoke as the successor to

Peter Drucker”

                        The Cambridge Institute for Applied Research


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