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Toolbox for

Lecture Organizers

This page is for lecture organizers only, to help put together a better conference.

Lecture topics.  Well before the conference, we try to understand your objectives in the conference and help you accomplish them.  Mr. Knoke is a seasoned investment banker possessing insights into many industries.  He has a large futurist toolbox, through which he looks at your industry to come up with a compelling, tailored program.  Expect him to vet cutting-edge ideas with your executive committee to avoid possible gaffes.  As needed, programs can include pure lecture, an extensive Q&A period, or a hands-on interactive seminar.  [More specifics on lecture topics]

Published materials.  Mr. Knoke's name should be published as "William Knoke," not "Bill Knoke."  Publicity materials should refer to two items:  that he is (1) Founder and President of the Harvard Capital Group, and (2) author of "Bold New World: The Essential Road Map to the Twenty-First Century."  Organizers are encouraged to publish Mr. Knoke's website (www.knoke.com) or e-mail address (information@knoke.com) in publicity materials, to enrich the attendee's experience.  Permission is also granted to use the publishable photographs found on this web site.  Additional publication materials may be found at the following two locations:

Biography of Mr. Knoke
Publishable photographs of Mr. Knoke

Out of town travel.  To ensure smooth travel, Mr. Knoke prefers to fly into a lecture location at least one day before the lecture.  In the case of travel out of the country, it is best to arrive two days prior, to adjust for jet lag and allow for flight cancellations or bad weather.

Equipment & team rehearsal.  In the case of high-production-cost conventions, Mr. Knoke is usually available to work with your audio visual team the day before the event, to ensure that the equipment and personnel are appropriately choreographed.

Special equipment recommendations.  Mr. Knoke does not require any particular equipment.  However, if certain items are available, they will contribute to a better quality presentation:

Book purchases.  Some lecture organizers like to provide copies of Mr. Knoke's book Bold New World as a value-added service to conference attendees, either for resale or as a gift.  Mr. Knoke is normally available after lectures to autograph books.  The best discounts for author-related lectures in the U.S. can be obtained from Mr. Bill Johnson, Oxford University Press at (800) 334-4249 x 6006.   Typically discounts are 40% off with rights of returning unused books, or 50% off without return rights.  In Canada, contact Fitzhenry & Whiteside at (800) 387-9776; for other countries, please contact us for more information.

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