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William Knoke's

Interest in China

Chinese Travels.  Mr. Knoke has considerable interest in Chinese affairs.  Recently he spent a month visiting schools and factories in a dozen key cities throughout China. 

Mr. Knoke emerged from the Middle Kingdom with a deep respect for the richness of China’s rich history and traditions.  Today, China continues its evolution with a radical restructuring of its economy.  It is Mr. Knoke’s view that the hard work and industry of the Chinese people, combined with the networking capabilities of the “overseas Chinese” scattered throughout Pacific Rim, leave China well positioned for the challenges of the 21st century.

Chinese Writings.  Mr. Knoke devoted entire sections of chapters to the future of China in his international bestseller Bold New World.  The book is now translated into ten languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  (The Chinese publisher is Jilin People’s Publishing House, 124 Ren Min Lu, Changchun, Jilin, China 130021).

Chinese Lectures and Affiliates.  Mr. Knoke has also lectured at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on the future of China alongside HKUST professor Christopher Westland.  He is also a personal friend of Elaine Chou, one of the highest-ranking Chinese-American women in the U.S. government who was formerly Assistant Secretary of Transportation, head of the Peace Corps, and President of the United Way.

Sino-American Transportation.  In 1998, Mr. Knoke proposed to the Port of Seattle that during the 21st century, global trade and technological progress would make it economical to construct a high-speed Sino-American railroad connection from Beijing to Seattle through Russia and Alaska.  Mr. Knoke believes that, while such a link must traverse harsh climate, and tunnel under the Bering Straight, it is technologically no more complex than current trains operating in Russia and Scandinavia, and those traveling under the English Channel.

International Perspective.  Mr. Knoke’s empathy for the Chinese people is fortified by his deep respect for foreign cultures generally.  Unusual for a native-born American, Mr. Knoke learned three additional foreign languages (French, German, Spanish), married a European, and became a dual citizen of the United States and France.  He has lived, worked or traveled in approximately a third of the countries of the United Nations (70).  These experiences give Mr. Knoke a unique insight to Chinese culture as it relates to globalization.

Mr. Knoke tours student group
in Shanghai

China's culture and art 
as world wonders

photograpy by W. Knoke


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