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Televison and Radio Appearances


William Knoke is an international expert on the future direction of society.  For his views check the sample interview topics and a summary of "Bold New World."  Below is a sample of the North American programs where he has been a featured guest.



Business Day  ·  CNN

Newsweek on Air  ·  Syndicated

Before the Bell  ·  CNBC-TV

Capital News Beat  ·  Syndicated

While We’re On the Subject  ·  UPI Radio

Jim Bohannon Show  ·  Mutual Broadcasting

Elliot Stein Show  ·  Syndicated

Connie Martinson Talks Books  ·  PBS

Talk America Radio  ·  Syndicated

Spangler’s World  ·  Business Radio / Internet

Sound Money  ·  PRI

C/Net Central  ·  C/Net

People On-Line  ·  CompuServe

Center Stage  ·  America Online

Jerry Klein Show  ·  Syndicated (East coast)


New York City

Before the Bell  ·  CNBC-TV

Midday  ·  Fox-TV

Tony Brown Show  ·  WLIB Radio


Los Angeles

Market Buzz  ·  KWHY-TV

World of Money  ·  KIEV Radio

Money in the Morning  ·  KCEO Radio

Larry Mantle Show  ·  KPCC Radio

Peter Weissbach Show  ·  KOGO Radio

Dave Zorn News  ·  KNX Radio

Mark Deo Show  ·  KLSX-CBS Radio



Milt Rosenberg Show  ·  WGN Radio

Business Newsmakers  ·  WCIU-TV

Dave McBride Show  ·  WCKG Radio

Point of View  ·  WNUA Radio


Washington, DC

Youngbloods  ·  National Empowerment TV

Capital News Beat  ·  Syndicated

Jim Bohannon  ·  Mutual Broadcasting (Syndicated)

The Morning Show  ·  NewsChannel 8


San Francisco

Bay TV Prime  ·  KRON-TV

Ron Owens Show  ·  KGO Radio

Tech Nation  ·  KQED Radio

News  ·  KCBS Radio

Sunday at Six  ·  KKSF Radio



Live at Eleven  ·  WTMJ-NBC

Technobytes  ·  WMVS-TV

Everybody’s Business  ·  WHAD-FM

Focus on Milwaukee  ·  WKLH-FM



New England Business  ·  WBZ-AM

Boston Sunday Review  ·  WBCN-FM

Money Works  ·  WBNW-AM

Power Lunch  ·  WQXI Radio



The Compton Report  ·  KING-TV

New Paradigms  ·  Cable Channel 29

Pat Cashman Show  ·  KIRO-FM

This Week with Jim French  ·  KIRO-AM



Good Day America  ·  WAGA-TV

Daybreak  ·  WTLK-TV

Spectrum  ·  WKHX-FM

Power Lunch  ·  WQXI Radio



Channel 4 News at Noon  ·  WCCO-TV

Barbara Carlson  ·  KSTP Radio

Sound Money  ·  Minnesota Public Radio

Metro Focus  ·  Radio City Network News



Michael Coren  ·  CFRB Radio

Jill Walker  ·  CBC Radio

Reisa Khalesa  ·  CJAD Radio


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