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Lectures on the Future

William Knoke is well suited as a keynote speaker to open your convention for the following reasons:

  • Noted Authority and Futurist.  Knoke is author of the international bestseller Bold New World: The Essential Roadmap to the 21st Century, now translated into ten languages.  He has been a featured guest on scores of radio and television programs (such as CNN), and featured in numerous published articles including in the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and others.
  • Experienced Keynote Speaker.  Knoke has been a featured speaker to corporations and user groups all over the world to AT&T, IBM, Cap Gemini, Arthur Andersen, and others.  In most cases, he is the keynote speaker opening the convention on Day One.
  • Knowledge Depth.  Knoke holds degrees from Stanford University, BA Economics (cum laude) and Harvard Business School (MBA).  As the President and founder of Harvard Capital Group, Mr. Knoke has considerable experience in the banking industry, and was the lead analyst on one of the top ten world banks seeking acquisitions into the lucrative U.S. market.
  • Customized.  Knoke does not deliver one formulaic lecture to all audiences, but tailors his presentation according to the objectives of convention organizers.   Typically he builds a foundation upon which the other convention venues may comfortably sit, thereby helping to build a singular theme for the entire conference.
  • Presentation Style.  Knoke usually prepares graphic-intensive PowerPoint slides to punctuate main points.  His speaking style is usually not to stay behind the podium, but to move around the stage without notes, making the presentation more dynamic.  He is also excellent during Q&A segments.
  • Add on Features.  In addition to a keynote lecture, Knoke is usually open to (i) attend any social mixers the night before; (ii) autograph his book for attendees should organizers wish to make books available; (iii) organize a round-table discussion following the lecture around the themes of a Futures’ Wheel Exercise; (iv) make his lecture notes available on special-purpose pages in his website several months following the presentation.


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